Women’s support center service is a specialized complex service that includes informing victims of violence against women of their rights and options to receive help, providing emotional support to the victims and their children, ensuring their safety, empowering victims to break the circle of violence and offering rehabilitation in every aspect.

The services are divided into two main groups: counseling services and providing shelter.

A woman can turn straight to the women’s support center/shelter. Other bodies connected to victim such as the municipalities, police, victim support, medical facilities etc can direct the victim to receive help too. Counseling session would be agreed over the phone.

Arrival to the shelter would be agreed either over the phone or during a counseling session. Third person (such as police, municipality official, neighbor, friend) can bring in the victim too but in all these cases per-agreement is necessary.


Primary counseling (eye-to-eye meetings and 24 hour helpline)

The purpose of this service is to hear out the victims and offer them emotional support, assess the safety risks and put together the primary action plan to defuse the situation, inform the victims (client from now on) of their rights and of further help available to them, as well as agree on following actions and further appointments with the support centre staff if necessary.

The specialists would provide the primary counseling additionally to the eye-to-eye meetings via phone and e-mail. Client can remain anonymous if they so wish.

Distinct customer data of a client would be forwarded by the support centre to the other bodies only with the client’s consent and within the agreed limits.

Primary counseling is provided around the clock.